Quest for Learning is a Continuous Journey | Article by Dr. Sareena Subba


Quest for Learning is a Continuous Journey | Article by Dr. Sareena Subba

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds ever lived, has said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” We, as an academic institution, indeed are here to encourage holistic growth of young minds from across the diverse socio-cultural strata.

The outbreak of pandemic in 2020 has made us rethink about the deeper significance of knowledge, discipline, strength and character. Our conventional perspective on the process of learning was challenged and thwarted in such a manner that we were bound to find alternatives. However, on the brighter side, the extraordinary resilience and determination shown by academic fraternity from across the globe has been simply commendable and inspiring. Despite obstacles and pitfalls, they continue to adapt, accommodate and persist in their goals to build a secure and responsible society by achieving intellectual, academic and cultural development of enthusiastic learners across the world.

With similar academic mission and vision, Sikkim Alpine University has embarked on its unique journey to provide an enriching learning platform for young people to gain a wide range of knowledge that is supported by Multidisciplinary Curriculum that it offers and right set of Skills through very dynamic and inclusive practical exercises within and outside the classrooms.

 In line with the larger vision and mission of the University, English Department aims to provide its learners an extraordinary journey of learning where they will develop and enhance their overall English language skill through a Curriculum that focuses on LSRW Skills module that will not only prepare them to engage in a meaningful activities of reading, writing, speaking and listening in both formal and domestic domain but also help them get an extra advantage during any competitive exams and various professional opportunities.

Most of all, for the learners who are interested in learning English Literature in all its comprehensive form and diversity, we are offering a wide range of papers including History of English Literature from Medieval to 20th Century, Literary texts in different genres and sub- genres. The journey for literary enthusiasts does not end here as they will also learn Literatures from across different cultures and historical timeline written in English and also in translation through our curriculum that has accommodated American Literature, Postcolonial Writings, Diaspora Literature, Writings from the Northeast and Indian Writing in English and translation. To complete the eclectic tapestry of Curriculum, we also offer a course on Queer Literature for PG students while a course on Endangered Languages is offered to UG students to help them broaden their horizon of knowledge and skill and also to provide them exposure to globally trending areas of inquiry.

With the introduction of the Research Programme from the current academic session, the Department of English will engage with more scholars who will be given research opportunities on diverse fields of interest under the purview of English Studies and will even encourage interdisciplinary research pursuits.

Department of English, Sikkim Alpine University is looking forward to meet and engage with young learners and research scholars with diverse goals and aspirations to help them, guide them and participate along with them in this amazing journey of learning.

Dr. Sareena Subba is currently the Head of the Department, English, Sikkim Alpine University. Having completed her PhD from the Central University of Pondicherry in 2017, she has been actively engaged in teaching and research. Her area of research is Folklore Studies with a background study on Socio-linguistics and Translation. Her teaching interest ranges from English Literature to Literatures of different countries viz., American Literature, Literature from the Sub-Continent, Folklore Studies, Indigenous Literature, Translation, and Cultural Studies. She is an avid reader and loves photography and listening to Indian Music.