Report on Anti-Ragging sensitization program: 17th June 2022.

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Report on Anti-Ragging sensitization program: 17th June 2022.

The Anti-Ragging Cell of Sikkim Alpine University organized an Anti-Ragging sensitization program where the students were briefed about the menace of ragging in the educational institutions. The Anti-Ragging Cell was constituted as per the norms of UGC with the establishment of Sikkim Alpine University.

A member of the cell, Dr. Subhankar Gurung gave a brief introduction of the Anti-Ragging Cell, its functions and objectives along with the introduction of the members Ms. Chumit Lepcha, Ms. Sunaina Subba, Ms. Celeshla Wangchuk Bhutia, Mrs. Manorama Thapa and Mr. Binod Chettri, headed by the Chairman Mr. Ashish Pradhan. The Registrar of the University, Prof. (Dr.) H.K. Rajput, highlighted the importance of the Anti-Ragging Cell in the Higher Educational Institutions, citing the two important cases because of which the Supreme Court had to intervene and issue certain guidelines.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Parshu Dahal, SDPO, Namchi District, who with all his passion elucidated the the mental and physical distress that can be caused by ragging. How ragging was actually meant to be an icebreaker for the juniors to open up to seniors, but regressed as the time passed. He also mentioned how all the educational institutions should mandatorily have the Anti- Ragging Cell, so as to curb the menace of Ragging. If there is any instance of ragging, then the cell should be aware of the general process. The first responder should know what crime has been committed. The Anti-Ragging body should not hide the details, otherwise the members can be taken as a perpetrator. It can be seen as abetting the crime.

The guest speaker talked about not only ragging, but also other crimes that are prevalent in todays society. Mr. Parshu Dahal brought to light the evils of drug use, citing the sections of Acts like NDPS Act, 1985, SADA, 2006 etc.
The staff and students were also made aware of other crimes mentioned in the Indian Penal Code, including the crimes like Kidnapping, Sexual Harassment, or even how we should know both our duties and rights because, “Ignorance of Law is never an excuse.”

Glimpses of the Event