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How to Apply Online for Admission at SAU?

If you want to learn How to Apply Online for Admission at SAU? here is the complete and simplified Admission process for the students willing to enroll at Sikkim Alpine University:

SAU Online Admission Procedure:

  • Fill up the Enquiry Form Online from the official university website.
  • Our Counselors will contact you for Counseling visit.
  • Select your Program & Submit the requisite documents.
  • Common Assessments to determined the eligibility.
  • Make the fee payment & you are done.

The Sikkim Alpine University higher education model is based on the belief that everyone is a doer. If the environment provides appropriate nurturing and excitement, the doer will accumulate courage to dream and drive through consistently.

With a mission for the masses, our inclusive ecosystem caters to a wide range of programmes in various sectors, where our counselors assess and assist students in identifying a programme that is specific to their interests.

This is followed by a general assessment to determine the candidate’s exposure to the sector and self. Our industry-focused programmes are highly competitive and fill up quickly.

For Admission & Queries, where should you contact?

Reach out to your friendly support team who is always ready to assist you with your queries.

You can also plan a visit to Campus  or City Office.

  • Campus: Kamrang, Namchi, Sikkim.
  • City Office: Sikkim Alpine University, Jorethang Rd, Near Petrol Pump, Namchi, Sikkim.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 10:00AM to 6.00PM.
Sunday & Saturday: 11:30AM to 14:00PM.